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Rocket liners, rocket sleeves, rocket motor tubes, and rocket tubes are all produced to tight tolerance specifications.

Lamitex® Materials for Military Applications

  • Lamitex® materials are certified to military specifications.
  • Laminated tubes are used for charge casings, liner tubes and rocket charge liners.
  • Lamitex® paper-based tubing is the preferred material for flare charge casings.
  • Rocket tube liners are produced from natural and black paper-based tubes as well as G-10 and G-11 laminated tubes.
  • Lamitex® paper-based tubes are used for thin metal foil rewind core tubes for the production of brass ammunition cartridges. These core tubes eliminate waste and are reusable for many rewinds of product.
Franklin's Lamitex® Cryogenic neck tube materials maintain their impermeability to liquid nitrogen & liquid natural gas (LNG) in extreme handling conditions. Lamitex® glass/epoxy neck tubes have high strength characteristics and have tested better in 'drop tests' than our leading competitor's tubes. Lamitex® Cryogenic pipe insulation has been used in critical insulating applications, including the supercollider laboratories and in the transportation of liquid natural gas. Franklin has machined glass epoxy neck tubes, small diameter straw tubes, profiles and parts from glass epoxy sheet materials for a wide variety of cryogenic applications.
Franklin is registered with the Directorate of Defense Controls (DTCC) and is compliant with the Arms Export Control Act (AECA) and the International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR Part 122).

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