Corrugated Transformer Insulation

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Franklin Fibre - Corrugated Transformer Insulation

Advantages of using Franklin corrugated transformer insulation include:

  • Duct cooling spaces will be constant, uniform, parallel and standardized.
  • Cuts labor time in installation.
  • High voltage insulation, UL-approved materials are available such as Nomex®, vulcanized fibre, DMD, etc.
  • Corrugated transformer insulation can be used for "Pack-out" and "End-Fill" applications.
  • Eliminates the need for radial and axial spacers.
  • Enables increased power loading with no movement & remains more stable under transformer surges.
  • Allows direct winding contact for transformer winding insulation.
  • Increases dielectric insulation as compared to insulation stick design.
Franklin has developed a special corrugated insulation to provide a more cost-effective cooling duct and barrier insulation for transformers. Nomex®, Vulcanized Franklin Fibre™ and other suitable materials are now available. Franklin square, rectangular or sinusoidal insulation in special corrugated form is a convenient, labor-saving option when used in transformer winding. Many small to large sizes are produced for instrument toroid coils through large power and distribution transformers.

Our special roll and sheet insulation material provides additional insulation in winding and is compatible with common resins and varnish systems. Nomex® has UL component recognition #E34739A. Because of its unique square or sinusoidal configuration, transformer design can be more standardized, allowing uniformity in winding and construction while providing cost effectiveness and flexibility for transformer engineers.

Nomex® and Vulcanized Franklin Fibre™ are resilient materials able to withstand the flexing of transformer shorts without coming loose or falling out. Franklin corrugated insulation has minimal mass yet high strength and does not resonate. Smaller end fill sizes are convenient for packing out or end filling a coil winding.

The strong and efficient design available through the use of Franklin corrugated insulation from Nomex® and Vulcanized Franklin FibreTM provides for increased cooling air flow down to the sources of heat. Greatly improved resin/potting impregnation is also facilitated. This allows for better total insulation design and/or cooling for increased core and coil efficiency.
Nomex® is a Registered Trademark of E.I. DuPont de Nemours and Company

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