Switch Gear & Transformer Insulation & Fuse Tubes

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Manufacturer of square and rectangular mold laminate tubes for cross bar insulation, and ectangular tubes from mold laminate for solenoid casings.

  • G-9 laminated angles and channels are molded to military specs and G9 is the preferred insulation material in switchgear structural applications for naval applications.
  • Lamitex® round tubing for switch drives machined to your specification.
  • Pultruded GPO-3 angle and channel insulation for structural supports machined to your specifications.
  • Phase barriers and panels are custom fabricated from Lamitex® Nema grade laminates and glass polyester (GPO-3) sheet materials.
  • High dielectric paper based sheet materials machined for mounting boards, insulating barriers, tap changer terminal board and tap changer insulated shafts.
  • Electrical standoff insulators.
  • High-temperature arc-resistant materials such as Mica board, Insularc® (mica filled cement board) machined for Arc chute applications.
  • Vulcanized Fibre tubing for fuse tube applications.
  • Filament wound overwrapped fibre tube, machined and painted to your specifications.
  • Nema grade materials machined to tolerance for high-voltage insulation, transformer insulation, winding insulation, bus bar insulation and low-voltage insulation applications.
  • Corrugated Nomex® for dry-type transformer cooling duct insulation.

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