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Phenolic Tubes for Rocket Propulsion

A classic application for our Lamitex phenolic tubing lies within the motor for rocket propulsion systems. Phenolic materials are often chosen because they have exceptional mechanical and thermal properties, while being cost effective at the same time. The most common grade for this application, our paper/phenolic Lamitex® XX, carries a thermal endurance index (@20,000hrs) of 248°F and a compressive strength measurement of 18,850psi. This material allows users to cure a variety of propellants inside the tube and serves as a sturdy rocket motor liner. 

If a longer ‘burn out’ is desired, or there will be a heavier load on the liner we can offer our cotton/phenolic Lamitex CE tubes. In more extreme environments we have also recommended our glass/epoxy (G10/G11 etc.) grades to meet our customers application requirements. Contact us today to find out which Lamitex material will suit your launch !

Video below shows the SBD launch using our Lamitex® tubes

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