Glass-Reinforced Epoxy Tubes, G-10, FR-4 & G-11

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Lamitex G-11 glass epoxy tubes maintain high mechanical strength at elevated temperatures, up to 180°C.

  • Lamitex G-11 tubing meets Mil-I-24768/3.
  • Lamitex G-10/FR-4 tubing meets Mil-I-24768/2.
  • Lamitex G-10/FR-4 tubing is UL listed.
  • Lamitex G10/FR-4 has excellent electrical insulation and chemical resistance properties.
  • Lamitex G-10 non-brominated tubes.
  • Lamitex G-10 CR for thin walled cryogenic applications.
  • All glass based tubes available in standard 48" trimmed lengths and 63" trimmed lengths available upon request.
  • Random lengths not required which gives you guaranteed yields.
  • Heavy walled glass/epoxy tubes in all grades available for demanding applications.
  • Small diameters available (from .118" inside diameter up to large 49.2" inside diameter).
  • Regularly produce large and small quantity orders.
  • Franklin maintains a full line of CNC lathes and turning centers to produce high quality fabricated parts from glass epoxy tubing.  Common component parts are adapter tubes, anti-static bolt sleeves, actuators, high-temperature insulators, neck tubes and many other applications
Phenolic paper based tubing has been used for electrical insulation since the early 20th century. The combination of the high-temperature resistant phenolic resin and a treated paper convolute wound tube provides excellent strength, weather resistance and electrical resistance. Phenolic paper-based tubing has been used extensively through the years in various applications and parts in switch gear, transformers, tap changers, munitions, rockets, bushings, sleeves, coil forms, core tubes and casings. Lamitex® paper phenolic tubing has excellent electrical properties in high humidity conditions.
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