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Lamitex® cotton phenolic tubes are available in four standard grades to provide the best solution for your application.

  • Lamitex laminated cotton tubes are available in grade, C, CE, LE and CYB (graphite filled cotton phenolic for added lubrication in wearing and bearing applications).
  • We keep Lamitex canvas (C and CE) and linen (LE) tubes in stock to provide quick turn around for machined component parts.
  • Large diameter tubes are readily available in tubes up to 49.2" in diameter and available in lengths up to 53.1" long or 57.1" long to improve yields on machined components.
  • Lamitex specialty grade PL-72 has been developed for ball bearing retainer cages that demand improved stability and excellent machining characteristics.
Lamitex cotton tubes are impact resistant and reduce noise in wearing applications. They're well suited as a low-friction material and have wear resistance in aggressive and dust-filled environments like steel mills and rolling mills. They can be lubricated with water, oil and grease; and in many cases grease grooves are added to machined parts to facilitate lubrication. To learn more about these materials check out this Technical Blog.
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