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Lamitex Nylon® Bearing Products

Nylon's® are frequently used as replacements for bronze, brass, Babbitt, steel, and various other metals, especially in bearing or wear applications.

Polyamide materials such as Nylon® are frequently used as replacements for bronze, brass, Babbitt, steel, and various other metals, especially in bearing or wear applications. Nylons offer excellent wear and impact resistance, have high tensile strength, high modulus of elasticity, and have an elevated heat distortion temperature. In rolling applications; a Nylon roller on a flat, solid surface will deform marginally to the shape of the wear surface. This deformation increases the contact area which will inherently distribute the weight of the roller across a larger plane. Nylons can withstand a variety of chemicals, alkalis, oxidizing agents, and dilute acids. However, extremely acidic or caustic chemicals will degrade Nylon under prolonged exposure. Being corrosion resistant, Nylon will not degrade in wet or humid environments.
Self-lubricating grades of Nylon are frequently produced for a reduction of friction in constant wear applications. Oil- filled cast Nylon is a prominent material for sliding pads and guide blocks, but it also has much lower moisture absorption than non-oil-filled Nylon and has been used in more aqueous applications as well.
Cast Nylons offer the widest array of sizes or custom shapes of any thermoplastic.Coupled with the large selection of Nylon grades; this material is one of the most versatile bearing materials in the market today.

Common Polyamide grades supplied by FFLC

Nylon 6/6: Polyamide material known for its mechanical strength, wear resistance and machinability. This material will operate in constant temperatures up to 210°F. Glossy surface finish and readily accepts coloring.
Nylon 6: Due to its high crystallinity, Nylon 6 has exceptional heat deflection and chemical resistance. Compared to Nylon 6 it has lower water absorption values, and better dimensional stability. Nylon 6 is available in rod, tube, and sheet.
Oil-filled Cast Nylon: Self-lubricating grade for constant wear applications. This material is less water resistant than un-filled Nylon making it suitable for submerged and moist environments. This material can also be filled with a natural-oil for food grade bearing applications.
Custom Grades are continually being developed to meet specific customer applications using the latest materials available from the composite industry. Contact us today to find out which new grades we are working with!
*Nylon® is a registered trademark of E.I. DuPont Co.

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