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High dielectric material for high-temperature insulation applications.

  • New Lamitex composites for high dielectric strength applications with high strength retention.
  • Designed materials that possess terrific strength, durability, dimensional stability, and excellent wear characteristics.
  • Lamitex specialty materials are used extensively for vanes in compressors, vacuum pumps and air motors.
  • High strength cryogenic glass epoxy grades are available in sheet, rod and tube.
  • Lamitex® polyester epoxy grade composite is used for insulation in SF6 Sulfur Hexafluoride gas electrical switches.
  • Composites are designed to meet your application requirements.

Lamitex® High Dielectric Strength Materials:

Lamitex® LPF
This paper-based material with high-temperature phenolic resin provides excellent high voltage insulation at high frequency levels. It also maintains high voltage breakdown strength in oil and a reasonable strength in ambient air conditions. Lamitex LPF works well as insulation material in high-voltage transformers and tap changers.

Lamitex® HDE
Lamitex HDE is a paper-based material that's very similar to LPF grade, only with better high-voltage insulating characteristics. Lamitex HDE has a higher voltage breakdown factor parallel to the layers of the laminate. It's more dimensionally stable and is used as insulation in high voltage tap changers.

Lamitex® PEP-6
This woven polyester fabric with epoxy resin laminate has excellent resistance to corrosive Florine-containing gases, making it an acceptable material for usage in SF6 Sulfur Hexafluoride gas electrical switches.

Lamitex® Mechanical Grade Composites

Lamitex ® PL-40M
Lamitex PL-40M is a cotton fabric with a high-temperature phenolic resin containing molybdenum disulfide for better wear performance. PL-40M works well in low-duty applications for compressors and vacuum pumps. Other apps include agricultural spreaders, liquid waste, vacuum pumps and dairy pumps.

Lamitex® PL-68
This very fine weave cotton fabric with a high-temperature phenolic resin offers a high degree of resin impregnation that provides excellent dimensional stability. PL-68 is specifically recommended for motor vanes used in air motors, starter motors and small air tools.

Lamitex® PL-72 & PL-73
A fine-weave cotton fabric with a high-temperature specially formulated phenolic resin, this material is dimensionally stable, machines well and specifically designed for ball bearing retainer applications. PL-73 tubing is a finer weave fabric and is used for the smallest ball bearing retainers.

Lamitex® PK-50
This aramid fibre composite fabric is bonded with a high-temperature phenolic resin. PK-50N has excellent mechanical strength at elevated temperatures in adverse environments. Applications include rotor vanes for vacuum pumps for the dairy, liquid waste, oil refining and mining.

Lamitex® PK-100
Lamitex® PK-100 is a 100% aramid fibre composite fabric bonded with a high-temperature phenolic resin. It has higher mechanical strength than PK-50 at elevated temperatures and PK-100 has the best coefficient of thermal expansion available in the industry. Applications include rotor vanes for vacuum pumps for the dairy, liquid waste, oil refining, mining, cement processing and refrigeration industries.

Lamitex® EK-50
An aramid fibre composite fabric bonded with a high-temperature epoxy resin, EK-50 has tremendous strength characteristics and excellent moisture resistance. This material performs well in lubricated air motors.

Lamitex® PF-30
PF-30 is a woven organic reinforcement with high-temperature phenolic resin and graphite. PF-30 has properties similar to Grade C-YB but better temperature rating and lower wear rates. This grade was developed as a bearing material.Maximum operating temperature is 285°F.

Lamitex® N-1
This is a staple fiber nylon fabric grade of Lamitex impregnated with phenolic resin. N-1 has electrical properties of XXXP and mechanical toughness of Grade C and provides improved insulation resistance for high humidity applications.

Lamitex® G-30
This sophisticated high-performance polyimide laminate consists of woven glass fabric bonded with polyimide resin. Specially developed to provide engineers with a plastics material capable of continuous long-term use at 500°F and higher, G-30 has excellent dimensional stability, mechanical and electrical properties that are well maintained at elevated temperatures. G-30 has machining characteristics similar to Grades G-10 and G-11.

Lamitex® G-10 CR & G-11 CR
Cryogenic Glass Epoxy Lamitex® material maintains its electrical insulation properties and superior strength at temperatures as low as 4°F. What’s more, it meets MIL-I-247682 Type GEE/CR. Its application acceptance has been established in superconductor power coils, high-energy accelerators, superconducting generators and magnetic levitation for high-speed rail transportation.

Lamitex® Mica sheets #136 and #146
This grade of Lamitex has tensile and flexural properties equal to or better than G-7 glass silicone Lamitex, but with excellent corona resistance in Class F (155°C) requirements. #146 is a mica paper silicone resin laminate with increased temperature and electrical properties (but lower strengths) than #136 Lamitex.

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