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Vulcanized Fibre - Sheet, Rod, Tube, Roll and Coil Stock

Vulcanized Fibre - Fish Paper
Vulcanized Fibre - Rod, Tube, Roll and Coil Stock
  • Vulcanized Franklin Fibre™ is lightweight, with extremely good tensile and impact strength.
  • Vulcanized Fibre has one of the highest strength-to-weight ratios of all materials, has high dielectric strength and possesses good mechanical properties.
  • Franklin Fibre™ and Fish Paper ranks high as a dielectric material and won't carbonize readily when subjected to arcing. In fact, when exposed to arcing it gives off a gas that tends to quench the arc.
  • Franklin Fibre™ has outstanding machining properties and a high resistance to wear and abrasion.
  • Vulcanized fibre can be formed and/or bent to a variety of configurations.
  • Franklin Fibre™ is available in sheet, rod, and tube, roll and coil stock and is readily machined or punched into parts.
  • Standard colors are red, gray and black.

Vulcanized Franklin Fibre™ is a very hard, dense homogeneous material possessing a wide range of favorable properties. In its initial stage, Franklin Fibre is processed very much like a high-grade rag insulating paper, but without the addition of sizing. It is then treated with zinc chloride, which changes the structure and converts the cotton fibers into a gelatinous material. After all chemicals are leached out by progressively soaking in tanks, the fibre is placed in heated rooms until thoroughly dry. It is then steamed and flattened under heat by hydraulic presses or rolled under pressure. After this, it is run through heated rolls to bring out surface finish. Layers of fibre can be stacked and bonded under pressure providing a thicker "built-up" sheet.

Vulcanized Franklin Fibre™ tubing is moisture conditioned and then rolled under pressure to finish inside diameter and oversized outside diameter. The outside diameter is then finished, ground to size and buffer. The outside diameter can also be knurled of skived for use in filament wound finishing for fuse tube applications.

Common Uses for Vulcanized Franklin Fibre™

Mechanical: Abrasive disc backing, reinforcements, cams, cradle rollers, cutting boards, trunks, suit cases, gaskets, washers, gears, handles, pulleys, bobbin heads (spools), tools, welders, shields, shuttles, tags, etc.

Electrical: Arc shields, barriers, heat sealing backing plates, brush holders, bushings, coil forms, armatures, fuse cartridges, motor insulation, spools, switch insulation, terminal strips, transformer insulation, pack out insulation, etc.

Miscellaneous: Book binders, boot trees, surgical ligature reels, trunk fibre, waste baskets, etc.

Franklin Fibre™ is a Registered trade Name of Franklin Fibre-Lamitex Corp.

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