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  • Lamitex paper phenolic tubes are available in grade X, grade XX and grade XXX formulations.
  • Phenolic paper based tubes are available in trimmed lengths of 48", 53.1", 59.1" and 65" to allow for maximum yield utilization for fabricated parts.
  • Grade XXX has a wax polished OD and is commonly used in core tube applications that require a very smooth OD finish.
  • Grade XXX is available in black color from .200" ID to 11.00" ID.
  • Grade XX is available in diameters ranging from .118" ID to 49.2" ID.
  • Phenolic paper tubes machine very well to tight tolerance requirements.

Phenolic paper based tubing has been used for electrical insulation since the early 20th century. The combination of the high-temperature resistant phenolic resin and a treated paper convolute wound tube provides excellent strength, weather resistance and electrical resistance. Phenolic paper-based tubing has been used extensively through the years in various applications and parts in switch gear, transformers, tap changers, munitions, rockets, bushings, sleeves, coil forms, core tubes and casings. Lamitex® paper phenolic tubing has excellent electrical properties in high humidity conditions.

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Phenolic Paper Tubes, X, XX, XXX
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