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Lamitex® Compression Molded Angles, Channel, Rods and Square & Rectangular Tubes

Lamitex® Compression Square Tubes
Lamitex® Compression Molded Angles and Channels
Lamitex® Compression Molded Rectangular Tubes
Lamitex® Compression Molded Rods and Tubes
  • Plastic fabrication and machining is the very core of Franklin - in fact, we've been machining thermoplastics, industrial laminates and composites for over 50 years.
  • We machine fiberglass-reinforced industrial laminates/composites daily.
  • Complete CNC machining capabilities including saws, lathes and vertical machining centers.
  • Low and high volume quantities are produced daily to your specs.
  • We pass on additional savings to you through our large volume turning work completed during our "lights out" shift.
  • Reverse engineering of custom fabricated parts is readily available.
  • Blanket order servicing from stock, Kanban equipped, 24-hour delivery if needed.
  • Complimentary services include conditioning, polishing, painting, stamping and cleaning of parts.
  • Close tolerance work completed for a small and large custom plastic parts.
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