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Lamitex® Glass Epoxy G-12/G-13 Filament Wound Tubes

Lamitex® Glass Epoxy G-12 Filament Wound Tubes
Frac Plug Materials
G-12 Filament Wound Tubes
Epoxy Filament Wound Tubes
  • Filament wound tubes have exceptional inter-laminar shear strength and can be machined to very close tolerances. 
  • Tubes weighing half as much and with equal strengths as similar size aluminum tubes may have 33% thinner wall thickness. 
  • Glass/epoxy resin ratios, winding tensions, and pre-determined winding angles provide exceptional directional strength properties. 
  • Various epoxy resin formulations are available with 135°C, 155°C, 180°C, 200°C and cryogenic continuous use ratings. 
  • Tubes can be made with ID’s as small as .187” and as large as 48” Dia. Standard lengths are 48”, 90” and 96”, depending on the ID size and some sizes can be made in longer lengths.

Common Applications for Machined Filament Wound Tubes:

  • Glass/epoxy filament wound tubes offer excellent resistance to weather, ultraviolet radiation, temperature extremes and moisture. 
  • Composites made from glass/epoxy are also excellent electrical insulators, are nonmagnetic and will not interfere with radar or radio frequency signals. 
  • Lamitex glass/epoxy filament wound tube composites, with few exceptions are more resistant to chemical corrosion than stainless steel, monel and titanium.


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