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Cryogenic Tubes, Pipes and Insulation

Cryogenic Tubes, Pipes and Insulation
  • Manufacturer of cryogenic leak tight thin-walled neck tubes in cryogenic dewars & transportation devices
  • Glass epoxy tubes for small diameter straw tube applications
  • Lamitex® fine weave glass epoxy cryogenic pipes are impermeable to liquid nitrogen & liquid natural gas (LNG)
  • Cryogenic pipe insulation is also available in spiral wound glass epoxy for larger diameter applications
  • Cryogenic insulation parts are machined from sheet, profiles, compression molded shapes, angles, channels and square and rectangular tube casings for structural supports and superconductor applications

Franklin's Lamitex® Cryogenic neck tube materials maintain their impermeability to liquid nitrogen & liquid natural gas (LNG) in extreme handling conditions. Lamitex® glass/epoxy neck tubes have high strength characteristics and have tested better in 'drop tests' than our leading competitor's tubes. Lamitex® Cryogenic pipe insulation has been used in critical insulating applications, including the supercollider laboratories and in the transportation of liquid natural gas. Franklin has machined glass epoxy neck tubes, small diameter straw tubes, profiles and parts from glass epoxy sheet materials for a wide variety of cryogenic applications.

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