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NEMA G9 - Lamitex® Glass Melamine composite tubes and sheets

Lamitex® Glass Melamine composite tubes and sheet, formulated to meet NEMA G9 (MIL-P-15037 / Mil-I-24768/1 type GME) and NEMA G5 (MIL-P-15037 / Mil-I-24768/8 type GMG) applications are thermoset materials that are frequently specified for their high mechanical strengths, self-extinguishing properties and mostly for their exceptional arc resistance in humid and dry environments.

Common applications for G9 and G5 include, but are not limited to; arc barriers, switch mounts, terminal boards, and other similar parts. With our technical proficiency and ability from many years of being in this business, we are confident in our ability to work with end users and engineers in machining this often difficult material to their specifications. Franklin Fibre Lamitex® glass melamine G9 and G5 are able to be manufactured in sheets, round tubes (convolute wound), molded channel, angle, square and rectangular tubes, and custom fabricated parts.

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