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NEMA G10 - Lamitex® Glass Epoxy composite tubes and sheets

Lamitex® Glass Epoxy composite tubes and sheets, formulated to meet NEMA G10 (MIL-P-18177/ Mil-I-24768/2 type GEE) applications are a multipurpose thermoset material that is frequently specified for its mechanical strength and/ or electrical insulation. Its compressive strength (68,000 psi), temperature index (electrical =130C / mechanical =140C), arc resistance, and ability to keep these strengths in dry and humid conditions make it suitable for transformer, cryogenic, and load bearing applications among many others. This grade of material has excellent machining characteristics and can take on a greenish and/or black physiognomy.

Some of the historical applications of G10 include printed circuit boards, arc chutes, and switchgear insulation. With our technical expertise and wherewithal from many years of being in this business, we are confident in our ability to work with engineers on their designs and produce exactly what they are looking for. Franklin Fibre Lamitex® glass epoxy G10 is manufactured in sheets, round tubes (convolute wound and/or filament wound), molded channel, angle, square and rectangular tubes, and custom fabricated parts.

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