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Low Dissipation Paper Phenolic

Etronit IS, a Low Dissipation paper phenolic with high thermal properties for use in fluid filled electrical equipment. It makes an ideal panel board for De-energized tap changers (DETC), On-load tap changers (OLTC), and other applications requiring good electrical / mechanical properties  The Low dissipation properties ensures extremely small leakage currents at higher voltages 

Low moisture absorption and the best dielectric strength properties in the laminate industry make it ideal for switches and tap changers used in electrical equipment with high voltages. The manufacturing methods produce a smooth surface and exceptional flatness. The material composition also enhances its resistance to arc tracking. This material is the preferred insulating panel board currently used by multiple internationally known switch and transformer manufactures. 

On the manufacturing side, this material is easy to machine and allows for high tolerance engineering designs that other material would not be able to support. 

Etronit IS meets the following industry standards: NEMA XXX, IEC 60893 grade PF CP 202 and DIN 7735 grade Hp 2064

(Note : IEEE Standard C57.131-2012 and IEC Standard 60214-1 refer to DETC and OLTC only for types of tap changers) 

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