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Longer standing bearings mean less change-out time, more money from the line.

Our years of experience dealing with the steel and hot rolling industries have led us to one conclusion; for these guys, time is money. Being able to keep a mill running longer between the change-out times is a topic that appeals to both mill maintenance and purchasing alike. Here at Franklin; we have found an answer to this issue in the form of our Lamitex® grade SBE100.

By lining our composite bearings with a proprietary Kevlar laminate we have proven that these bearings can & will last longer. As the first and foremost company to bring this idea to market; you can trust in our many years of experience and industry knowledge to bring you quality products every time. Call us today and find out how you can extend the life of your bearings and save your company time & money. (302) 652-3621

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