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Lamitex® Thermoset Composites: The Ultimate Choice for Cryogenic Insulation

Cryogenic applications demand materials that can withstand extreme cold temperatures while maintaining optimal performance for a variety of characteristics. Lamitex® thermoset composites are the premier choice for insulation in these challenging environments. Lamitex thermoset composites are engineered materials composed of reinforcing fibers (paper/cotton/glass/synthetics) infused with a thermosetting resin matrix (epoxy/phenolic/melamine/polyimide etc.). Each composite excels in different areas, but those like Lamitex G10CR, G11, and G7 are the primary choices when it comes to cryogenics.


Let’s start with the obvious. Our composites are lighter and easier to handle than metals and other insulating materials. Lamitex composites boast an impressive strength-to-weight ratio, allowing for weight savings without compromising structural integrity. This weight reduction enhances fuel efficiency and extends the range and payload capacity of aircraft and spacecraft.

High Strength and Stiffness: Despite their lightweight nature, Lamitex glass/epoxies like G10CR and G11 exhibit remarkable tensile and flexural strength. These properties are crucial for components operating under extreme conditions, such as insulating cryogenic dewars and rocket structures.

Corrosion Resistance: Unlike metals, thermoset composites are inherently corrosion-resistant. They maintain dimensional stability and mechanical properties over extended periods, reducing maintenance costs in cryogenic systems.

Design Flexibility: At Franklin Fibre, we specialize in machining these composites. We have over 40 CNC machines including 5th axis capabilities. This versatility allows us to create virtually any design out of these materials – a perfect fit for your applications.

Thermal Stability: Lamitex composites perform exceptionally well at low temperatures, ensuring reliable insulation in cryogenic environments.

Common Applications that are using Lamitex thermoset composites for insulation:

  • Cryogenic Fuels
    Liquid Hydrogen and LOX Tanks:
    Lamitex composites insulate cryogenic fuel tanks in rockets and spacecraft. Their low thermal conductivity minimizes heat transfer, maintaining fuel integrity during storage and launch.
  • Cryogenic Freezing and Transport
    Food Preservation:
    Lamitex-insulated containers transport and store large quantities of frozen food. The composites’ thermal efficiency ensures minimal temperature fluctuations, preserving food quality.
  • Medical Applications
    MRI Machines:
    Lamitex composites contribute to magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) systems. Their insulation properties maintain superconducting magnets at cryogenic temperatures, crucial for accurate medical diagnostics.
  • Electronics and Research
    Quantum Computing:
    Cryogenic electronics play a pivotal role in quantum computers. Lamitex-insulated components reduce system complexity and enhance performance, especially as qubit count increases.
    High-Electron Mobility Transistors (HEMTs):
    Lamitex composites form the basis for HEMTs used in cryogenic low-noise amplifiers. These devices enable qubit readout in advanced quantum computers.

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