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Lamitex® Sleeve Type Bearings

Lamitex® sleeve type bearings are ideal low friction bearings for use in high load applications where high compressive strength and low creep is required. Lamitex® sleeve type bearings have superior load bearing properties when compared to most thermoplastic or metal bearings.

Every application has specific requirements and we recommend appropriate engineering reviews and testing for all bearing materials including Lamitex® sleeve type bearings. The following material characteristics should be considered for “fit” of Lamitex® sleeve type bearings.

Running Clearance – Running clearance is the space between a shaft and a Lamitex® bearing. Recommended running clearance is 0.001” per inch of shaft diameter from a minimum base of 0.005”.

        Example: The running clearance of a 5.000” diameter shaft is 0.010”

                           (5.000*0.010) + 0.005” = 0.010”)

                         The Lamitex® bearing should have an ID of 5.010”

Swelling Allowance – An additional allowance for radial swelling should be made at a rate of 0.010” per inch of bearing wall thickness.
Example: Your shaft inner diameter is 5.010” and the casing diameter is 5.500”

         Swelling allowance = (5.500 – 5.010)/2 * .010 = 0.002495” ~0.003

         Thus the Lamitex® bearing should have an OD (5.500” – 0.003”) or 5.497”

Longitudinal Growth Allowance – Longitudinal growth allowance is only required when both ends of a Lamitex® sleeve type bearing are tightly enclosed. If the bearing application requires tight enclosure, an allowance of 0.005” per inch of captured bearing length should be made for longitudinal growth.

Example: The “Longitudinal Growth Allowance” for a 6.575”long bearing enclosure is 0.033”.

                                    (6.575 * 0.005) = 0.032875” ~0.033”

                 Thus the bearing should be (6.565” - .033”) or 6.542” long

Lamitex® sleeve type bearings are also excellent thermal insulators so flow through lube oil or water is strongly encouraged to help cool bearings and minimize heat related dimensional growth. Cooled bearings retain their hardness and extend bearing life.

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