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Lamitex® G30 Glass-Polyimide: Your answer to extreme temperature applications

Lamitex® G30 is known for excellent thermal resistance, good chemical resistance, and superior mechanical properties. For instance, our G30 was tested to have flexural strengths of up to 67,267 psi. These properties are maintained during continuous use to temperatures from cryogenic to 450 °F (232 °C) and intermittently, as high as 900 °F (482 °C). Material specs for the downhole drilling industry refer to this as "MSTOT" or “Maximum Short Term Operating Temperature.” Polyimides are also inherently resistant to flame combustion and do not usually need to be mixed with flame-retardants, which at times can affect the mechanical properties of a thermoset laminate. Polyimide laminates have a flexural strength half-life at 480 °F (249 °C) of 400 hours.

Typical polyimide parts are not affected by commonly used solvents and oils — including hydrocarbons, esters, ethers, alcohols and freons. They also resist weak acids but are not recommended for use in environments that contain alkalis or inorganic acids. Some common applications for G30 are: airplane light bezel insulation, insulation for heat sealing packaging equipment, high temperature welding tip insulation, insulation on orbital welding equipment, high temperature sensor system insulation and insulation for nuclear propulsion systems.

Franklin Fibre – Lamitex Corp. glass filled polyimide grade G30 is manufactured in 48” x 48” sheet and convolute wound tubes in 1mm increments to the inside diameters.

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