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European & American Composite Material Specification Discussion

Frequently Franklin Fibre customers send drawings for us to quote that calls for a DIN or EN specification. These are European industry acronyms similar to their American counterparts; NEMA, and Mil-I-24768 material specifications.

DIN stands for Deutsche Industrie Norm (German Industry Norm/Standard). It has similar requirements to NEMA and Mil-I-24768 for electrical insulating materials. However, DIN approved materials are tested according to IEC/EN 60893-2 procedures and IEC 60212 conditioning. International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) 60212:1971 is the standard conditioning for use prior to and during the testing of solid electrical insulating (industrial laminate) materials. 

NEMA and Mil-I-224768 materials are tested to ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) conditioning and testing procedures. Electrical insulation test values differ because ASTM tests are performed at Condition A (23°C) while IEC/EN are performed at 90°C.

Today the DIN standard has been replaced by EN (European Norm/Standard) though many drawings in use still refer to the DIN Standard. This can get confusing because they have different material grade designation (labels) for the same material. For example:

Tubes Hgw 2375.4 according to DIN 7735 are today’s EP GC 22 according to EN 61212-3-1 and the nearest relevant NEMA standard of G-11. Hgw is the German abbreviation for Hartgewebe (Hart = hard and Gewebe = fabric => Hard Fabric) a reference for glass fabric. The original materials and specification were developed in America, so the German material descriptions were their literal translation of the English description of high pressure laminate compositions.

There is some logic behind EN glass epoxy grade EP GC 22 :
EP GC = EPoxy and Glass Cloth. 
The numbers like 22 is a serial number. The digit “2” indicates round rolled tubes and the second indicates the grade. 

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