Petróleo y Gas Aplicaciones en la Industria

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Franklin puede aportar un hecho a la medida los componentes personalizados de sus dibujos.

Aislamiento de brida de tubería:

Materiales de tapón Frac:

Materiales de Frac Ball:

Productos adicionales para el servicio de petróleo y gas:

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Advantages of T-COR

  • New Lamitex composites for high dielectric strength applications with high strength retention.
  • Designed materials that possess terrific strength, durability, dimensional stability, and excellent wear characteristics.
  • Lamitex specialty materials are used extensively for vanes in compressors, vacuum pumps and air motors.
  • High strength cryogenic glass epoxy grades are available in sheet, rod and tube.
  • Lamitex® polyester epoxy grade composite is used for insulation in SF6 Sulfur Hexafluoride gas electrical switches.
  • Composites are designed to meet your application requirements.
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