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Franklin Fibre Blog Post

NEMA XX - Paper Phenolic composite tubes and sheets

XX TubesPaper Phenolic composite tubes and sheets, formulated to meet NEMA XX (Mil-I-24768/11 type PBG) applications are a versatile thermoset material and perhaps one of the more under appreciated by today’s engineers. 


NEMA G9 - Lamitex® Glass Melamine composite tubes and sheets

g9bstageLamitex® Glass Melamine composite tubes and sheet, formulated to meet NEMA G9 (MIL-P-15037 / Mil-I-24768/1 type GME) and NEMA G5 (MIL-P-15037 / Mil-I-24768/8 type GMG) applications are thermoset materials that are frequently specified for their high mechanical strengths, self-extinguishing properties and mostly for their exceptional arc resistance in humid and dry environments.  


NEMA G10 - Lamitex® Glass Epoxy composite tubes and sheets

G10 tube rackLamitex® Glass Epoxy composite tubes and sheets, formulated to meet NEMA G10 (MIL-P-18177/ Mil-I-24768/2 type GEE) applications are a multipurpose thermoset material that is frequently specified for its mechanical strength and/ or electrical insulation. Its compressive strength (68,000 psi), temperature index (electrical =130C / mechanical =140C), arc resistance, and ability to keep these strengths in dry and humid conditions make it suitable for transformer, cryogenic, and load bearing applications among many others. This grade of material has excellent machining characteristics and can take on a greenish and/or black physiognomy.  

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