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Franklin Fibre Blog Post

Lamitex® For high Voltage Insulation - blog post image
  • Franklin Fibre Lamitex
  • 21 Jun 2016

Lamitex® For high Voltage Insulation

Lamitex® materials are renown in many industries for electrical insulation, as our quality material and expert fabrication are among the elite in the business. Supplying a range of materials and services to small and large businesses alike, we believe that we can satisfy everyone’s objectives. 


NEMA XX - Paper Phenolic composite tubes and sheets

XX TubesPaper Phenolic composite tubes and sheets, formulated to meet NEMA XX (Mil-I-24768/11 type PBG) applications are a versatile thermoset material and perhaps one of the more under appreciated by today’s engineers. 


NEMA G9 - Lamitex® Glass Melamine composite tubes and sheets

g9bstageLamitex® Glass Melamine composite tubes and sheet, formulated to meet NEMA G9 (MIL-P-15037 / Mil-I-24768/1 type GME) and NEMA G5 (MIL-P-15037 / Mil-I-24768/8 type GMG) applications are thermoset materials that are frequently specified for their high mechanical strengths, self-extinguishing properties and mostly for their exceptional arc resistance in humid and dry environments.  

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