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Industrial Laminates & Composites


  • Lamitex® thermoset high-pressure laminate grades in Sheet, Rod and Tube in stock. 
  • All NEMA grades available, Phenolic, Epoxy, Melamine, Silicone and specialty grades. 
  • Common Grades include, X, XX, C, CE, LE, G-3, G-5, G-7, G-9, G10, FR-4 and G-11
  • Laminate Insulation is readily machined to customer specifications. 
  • Custom specialty grades include Kevlar® filled Phenolic and Fiberglass/Polyimide high-temperature laminates. 
  • Laminate sheet and laminated tubing with graphite filler for high wear mechanical applications. 
  • Filament wound fiberglass epoxy tubes. 
  • Large inventory of laminated tube stock, including heavy walled tubing.
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Franklin has built its business on manufacturing, fabricating and distributing industrial high-pressure laminates. Lamitex® composite materials are engineering materials made from fibrous reinforcement such as cotton cloth, paper or woven fiberglass cloth, which are bonded together with high quality plastic resins. The layers are pressed together under high-pressure and the resin is baked until it becomes solid, fusing the material into a tough, strong composite. Combining different resins, - such as phenolic, epoxy, melamine or silicone - with different types of reinforcement creates a full range of Lamitex® grades to suit a wide variety of applications. Lamitex® high-pressure laminates combine mechanical strength and electrical insulation with chemical and weather resistance. They're rigid with high strength - to - weight ratio and can be machined to very close tolerances required on finished components.


Lamitex® is a Registered Trademark of Franklin Fibre-Lamitex Corp.
Kevlar® is a Registered Trademark of E.I. DuPont de Nemours and Company

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