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Fiberglass Epoxy Fabrication & Parts Machining

Fiberglass Epoxy Fabrication & Parts Machining
Fiberglass Epoxy  Machining
Fiberglass Epoxy  Machining
  • Machined parts from G-10 & FR-4 fiberglass epoxy sheets to meet Mil-I-24768/27.
  • Unlike most machining companies, Franklin machines fiberglass epoxy materials on a daily basis.
  • We're well equipped to produce intricate tight tolerance parts from glass epoxy material as well as very large parts up to 48" wide x 120" long.
  • Glass-reinforced epoxy sheet material up to 6.00" thick can be cut and machined.
  • Common component parts from G-10, FR-4 and G-11 sheet materials are solder pallets, high-temperature insulation boards, reverse osmosis end caps, terminal boards, high vacuum pump rotor vanes, test heads, stiffeners, actuators and structural supports for switch gear.
  • Glass polyester grades machined include GPO-1, GPO-2, and GPO-3.
  • Component parts from filament-wound glass epoxy tubes.
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