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Applications for Laminates, Thermoplastics & Composites

Applications for Kevlar® and carbon-based composites

Franklin's technical sales staff work together with engineers throughout the country to recommend and develop new applications for industrial laminates and thermoplastics. Our experienced team has has the talent and expertise to help you with your next material application challenge.

New engineering composites have led to new applications that replace traditional laminates and metals. And it's resulted in longer run life of materials and mating parts. Partnering with our customers, Franklin has developed new applications for Kevlar® and carbon-based composites and we're always seeking new opportunities to implement these innovative composites.

Typical Applications for Franklin Products Include:

cryogenic neck tubes
impeder tubes
high voltage fuse tubes
rotary compressor vanes friction plates
cam followers
switch insulation
door guide blocks
sleeve bearings
neck bearings
roll neck bearings
flat back bearings
self lubricating bearings
rocket liners
angle and channel insulation
tap changer shafts
square washers
isolator pads
mast arm insulation
coil forms
guide rails
cryogenic structural supports
cylinder tubes
high vacuum pump vanes
pneumatic tool vanes
sliding ways
electric box liners
electrical grid bushings

cryogenic pipe insulation
high voltage insulators
air motor vanes
truck side plates
thrust washers
baffle plates
bus bar supports
signage plates
shaft bearings
thrust collar bearings
bushing liners
rolling mill bearings
low friction bearings
rocket sleeves
mounting boards
standoff insulators
round washers
bus tube insulation
insulating plugs
insulating saddle
conveyor parts
truck cable clamps
high-temperature sleeves
model rocket tubes
model rocket bodies
artillery sleeves
rocket body tubes
rocket body sleeves

cryogenic straw tubes
battery casings
starter motor vanes
center pivot liners
shoe beams
arc chutes
electrical terminal boxes
threshold plates
slipper bearings
spindle carrier bearings
top roll rider bearings
main shaft bearings
marine shaft bearings
rocket motor tubes
insulating barriers
intermediate plates
split bushings
electrode clamps
bolt caps
clamp shoe
tap changer terminal board
electrode arm insulation
split tubes
bus caps
access covers

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