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Toll Free: 800-233-9739

Toll Free: 800-233-9739

Oil and Gas Industry Applications

Oil and Gas Industry ApplicationsPipeline Flange Insulation:
  • Lamitex® Glass/Epoxy laminate tubing are specified by for isolating sleeves in electrical flange isolation kits for use in high pressure pipeline flange applications. 
  • Pipeline Isolating Washers are made from Lamitex grades XX Paper/Phenolic, C Canvas/Phenolic and G10 glass epoxy.
Frac Plug Materials: 
  • Lamitex High Temperature heavy walled tube materials are used in Frac-Plug designs for Natural Gas Fracing applications. 
  • Materials for Composite Frac plugs are available for Low temperature and High Temperature use in Vertical and Horizontal drilling applications. 
  • Franklin’s Frac Plug materials have the best drill out performance in the industry.
Frac Ball Materials: 
  • Frac Balls made from a Lamitex proprietary composite formulation have a specific gravity of 1.8 and are available in a variety of sizes. 
  • Lamitex Frac Balls have been tested to withstand pressures exceeding 11,000 psi.
Additional Products for Oil and Gas Service: 
  • Custom parts, Components, flange insulators, washers and a variety of high tolerance machined parts from Teflon® and high performance thermoplastics are produced in our modern state of the art CNC machine shop. 
  • Cryogenic materials and custom components for LNG containment. 
  • Franklin can provide made to order custom components from your drawings. This includes material selection for critical applications, providing prototype parts through to providing production quantities.

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