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Toll Free: 800-233-9739

Toll Free: 800-233-9739

Lamitex® Compression Molded Angles, Channel, Rods and Square & Rectangular Tubes

  • Mold laminated products are available in most Nema Grade laminates.
  • Epoxy and Phenolic rectangular tubes are molded every day.
  • Molded rods in most Nema grades are available from .250"- 4.00" in diameter. Lengths vary from 34"-40" long.
  • Linen/canvas and epoxy molded rod provides better strength for machined parts when compared to rod ground from sheet stock.
  • Molded angle and channel from G-9, G-10 and G-11 provides better mechanical strength, electrical properties and temperature resistance than glass polyester angle and channel.
  • Profiles and tubes processed on Franklin's high pressure presses ensure that the mechanical strength of the shapes will be close to that of pressed sheet grades.
  • Large inventory of steel tooling and press production capacity guarantees quoted delivery.

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Toll Free: 800-233-9739
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