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Toll Free: 800-233-9739

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Franklin Fibre-Lamitex Corp. 96th year

2017 marks the 96th year since Franklin Fibre-Lamitex Corp. was established. Throughout the last century we have provided the composites industry with extensive material knowledge and precision machine work. Growing into a large scale machine operation capable of producing immense economies of scale- we pride ourselves on our small business roots and personal relationships with customers.

  Franklin Fibre - Lamitex  05-Jan-2017
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Lamitex Grade PF-30

Lamitex® PF-30 material is a jute-fibre based phenolic laminate with a graphite filler. This material is your superior option when choosing a material for a wear surface application.

  Franklin Fibre - Lamitex  22-Aug-2016
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Corrugated Insulation

In an effort to develop a more cost-effective coolingduct and barrier insulation for transformers , Franklin has developed its special corrugated insulation.

  Franklin Fibre - Lamitex  19-Aug-2016
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