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Composite & Fiber Bearings

Composite & Fiber Bearings
Composite Bearings


Lamitex® composite bearings are designed with the latest high-performance composite materials. The result? Extended wear life of the bearing and the mating parts. Carbon-graphite, Alumina and Molybdenum Disulfide fillers can be added to a modified phenolic resin formulation to provide internal lubrication that reduces frictional heat and extends wear life. Lamitex® composite bearings have been used in many rolling mill bearing applications to replace bronze, copper and lead Babbitt bearings. Other benefits include low friction, low heat build-up, no cold flow conditions and excellent resiliency.

High-pressure presses with computer controls ensure that Franklin's bearings are manufactured to specifications with the correct pressures, cycle times, conditions and temperatures. Our bearings are manufactured with pressure applied perpendicularly to the bearing load surface. This means exceptional mechanical strengths and extended wear life for your application.

Lamitex® Composite Bearings:

Sleeve Bearings
Neck Bearings
Roll Neck Bearings
Flat Back Bearings
Self Lubricating Bearings

Shaft Bearings
Thrust Collar Bearings
Bushing Liners
Rolling Mill Bearings
Low Friction Bearings

Slipper Bearings
Spindle Carrier Bearings
Top Roll Rider Bearings
Main Shaft Bearings
Marine Shaft Bearings

Lamitex Composite Bearing Materials
Lamitex® composite SBE materials offer load-bearing capacities equal to those of brass and bronze; unlike metallic bearings, they won't seize to the metal shafts. SBE Provides superior load-bearing properties and has a coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE) that closely matches the CTE of metal shafts.

SBE 50 composite is a coarse weave cotton fabric impregnated with a modified phenolic resin formulation.

SBE 60 composite is a coarse weave cotton fabric impregnated with a molybdenum disulfide (moly) filled phenolic resin formulation.

SBE 70 composite is a coarse weave cotton fabric impregnated with a modified phenolic/alumina resin formulation made in a red color for easier inspection of bearing surfaces.

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